We’re Alive

Don’t worry, loyal listeners, the Break the Huddle Show team is alive and well. In fact, we’re so alive and well that Billy, John, and I have been too busy to post on the sweet BTH Show page that you’re reading right now. So, here’s some content that we published around the interwebz today. First,

Goodbye, Rick Adelman

Yesterday; Rick Adelman announced he would not be returning as the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves next season. There’s been plenty of discussion on the show this season regarding Adelman’s future with the team, and whether or not he would return to complete the final year of his contract — but now — there’s

Words about Basketball, Written by Other People

It’s our duty to bring you the latest, most accurate, or at least the most interesting coverage of the Minnesota Timberwolves, as well as the rest of the NBA, as best we can. However, we can only do so much while we’re in the studio — so — here’s some bonus Wolves coverage from AROUND

Billy’s Back, GIF’s and Plenty More…

Billy Bohl, dubbed by me as our fearless leader, returns to his post at the Break the Huddle Show, today. He’s been away from the studio for the previous two weeks, but Bohl joined us via cellular device from the Target Center, last Tuesday. If you missed last week’s show….. *cues promo. Download the show’s

Episode 21: A Man at the Scene (BONUS PLUGS WITHIN)

(Photo Credit: David Sherman – www.davidshermanphoto.com) Again, John Meyer and I found ourselves in the studio, without our fearless leader for another episode of the Break the Huddle show. Yet, fear not listeners — Billy Bohl was able to join us via cellular device by calling us from outside of the Target Center. So, without delay, let’s

Because Listeners are also Readers

The Minnesota Timberwolves, are, well — they’re five games back in a jumbled Western Conference postseason race. However, this does not make them a team that isn’t interesting. In addition to that, there’s always plenty of news happening around the NBA that can be discussed; here are some things from Around the Interwebs. This one

Episode 20: A Different Duo

Because of an unexpected absence, John Meyer and I were left to play the two-man game on the 20th episode of the Break the Huddle Show. I’m a DNP-Sickness tonight, but @ZacharyBD and @thedailywolf are carrying on at the @BTH_Show without me. Stream it! http://t.co/XoBigIL1gY — William Bohl (@BreakTheHuddle) March 4, 2014 In what was,

Some More Plugs, of the Shameless Sort.

Here is some work from Billy Bohl and I published within the previous few days. Earlier this season, at A Wolf Among Wolves, Bohl introduced us to – what may be – the most unique and creative way to chart the location of where assists were made. Collecting Dimes: Kevin Love’s Assists. There, Bohl told us

What Do You Guys Do Exactly?

Yes, the show is only once a week — but that doesn’t mean our hosts don’t sit at home and do nothing in between episodes. Here’s some recent coverage of the Wolves, in addition to some dunk videos compiled together before All-Star weekend. As much as we’d like to sit at home and do nothing

What We Didn’t Forget to Mention

In Episode 19 we talked about some of the news happening around the NBA. Here’s some of the work that we referred to during the show. This piece is from friend of the show, Derek James of Hardwood Paroxysm, and it’s titled “Jason Collins’ Perfect Timing.” There has been a lot said about Jason Collins’

Episode 19

Yesterday’s show was full of stuff, we had a lot to discuss as it was an eventful week. So, without distraction or delay — here’s a brief recap of what to expect as you listen to Episode 19. Brief recap of the Minnesota Timberwolves week of action, including victories over the Indiana Pacers and Utah

Hello, Ready For the Show?

I don’t know which episode we’re on, I think it’s 19, but I may be wrong — we’ll let you know for certain tonight at 6:00PM CST. Worth noting, the Minnesota Timberwolves are in Phoenix to take on the Suns. After our show, you’ll have an hour before tip-off to digest all the things we will

Working on the Weekend, Monday too

So, it’s Monday. The Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t scheduled to play tonight, but they are tomorrow — here’s some things you may have missed if you weren’t able to catch any Wolves basketball over the weekend. On Friday Target Center played host to the Memphis Grizzlies, who are one of the NBA’s hottest teams in the

Episode 15: Who is the Least Likeable Timberwolf

If you missed Episode 15, have no fear. You can subscribe and download our podcast by clicking here.  We hosted our first annual ‘Least Likeable Timberwolf’ competition. This may be the only time we ever do this, or it might not be, we’re not quite sure yet. Maybe we’ll do it again 5 years down the

Show Day Shootaround: Episode 15

Before I get into anything, here are the essentials for listening. Download and stream the show from the Google Play Store, or from iTunes, using the Sizzlin’ 99.9 Mobile Application. (Click the appropriate link). You WATCH our show live in the studio from your desktop (and some mobile devices) by visiting Sizzlin’ 99.9′s LiveStream Channel between

Bad Timing, Big Pek

Naturally, less than 24 hours after drafting and redrafting a post praising the recent play – and overall – play of Timberwolves center, Nikola Pekovic, the 290+ pound Montenegrin left Monday’s game ailing to an injured achilles tendon. Pek will see a doctor today and you’ll probably find myself, John, or Billy talking about it

Recapping the Weekend – A Wolf Among Wolves Style

It was a busy weekend over at A Wolf Among Wolves. Friday afternoon, I wrote about how the Timberwolves’ offense can be tailored to Kevin Martin’s needs, and how teammates can be used to make the shooting guard more successful: – Encourage him to keep shooting transition threes – Run him off of screens or

The Love – Saunders Friendship

Well, looky here! The very nice (and smart) people over at Punch-Drunk Wolves featured tweets from each of our hosts in a recent article about the relationship between Flip Saunders and Kevin Love. The link can be found right here and is worth a bit of your time. Does a good relationship between the Wolves’

Episode 14: An Emphasis on Fashion

Here at the Break the Huddle show we talk about basketball, particularly the NBA — and even more particularly, the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sometimes we go a little off-topic, let us know if this becomes an issue. Episode 14 isn’t the first time we’ve talked fashion on the show. A Friend of the Program, Patrick Fenelon,

Episode 13: Break up the Kings!

[Sneak Peak] Billy, Zach, and I talk about the tough toss against the Phoenix Suns on national television and the corresponding implications (Love called out two unnamed teammates during his postgame interview). Then we dive into the big win over the Charlotte Bobcats and the big loss to the San Antonio Spurs, addressing the Wolves inconsistency